Water damage to iPhone and Xiaomi phones

Water and phones have never been the best of friends. Dropping a phone into water usually has disastrous effects and if your phone isn't insured you're going to have to buy another one, but what about getting the data back ? How are you going to do that?


iphone 6s is dead cannot retrieve photos or contact list stored on device not sim card cannot switch on ever since my phone was left in water overnight in Luton, Bedfordshire.


My mobile device – Xiaomi Redmi 3S had a contact with water and didn't survive it. I have tried several times to dry it but no results. it's dead. I would like to recover all the data that was on the phone (pics,videos and files). Please let me know if you support this device and what could be the cost of it.


Forgot passcode had to factory settings phone (it's an iPhone 6) Now photos SMS what's app needed for very important case urgent. I'm in Milton Keynes and can travel to Luton.


Dropped iphone 6s and it won't switch on. Tried charging with different chargers. At one point the apple logo came up but still didn't turn on fully. Now it seems like it's dead but I would like to recover my data.


I am enquiring about my iPhone 6 which is water damaged. I thought I got away with it as the phone still worked, but un be known to me I caused more damage by carrying on using it. The damage occurred around 6months ago and the phone has been sat in a draw since. A couple of attempts have been made to fix the phone but have been unsuccessful. I have insurance for it but they will wipe the phone and I do not want to loose all my pictures. I am not bothered about the phone being fixed as I can send this off, all I am wanting is the data recovered from it. All my pictures from my daughter being born to 18months are on the phone and I desperately don’t want to loose them.


Recovering the files from phones that have been submersed in water is a specialised job - there's a data recovery centre in Northampton that has a good reputation, and it's not that far to drive from either Luton or Milton Keynes to get there either.

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