LaCie Data Recovery

I've been recommended to get in touch with Data Clinic (Chris Parry at Bury, his other half sent me) regarding a drive that's decided it doesn't like me! I've a Lacie 2 bug quadra USB3 6TB drive that has all my old weddings backed up as well as projects (over 2tb at least…I didn't keep track of TB more amount of weddings). Half way through consolidating a wedding project from Avid it said the MXF folder didn't exist and crashed the software. It opened again after but all the AvidMedia files folders were empty. Then I did a restart and it only came up as 'local disc' and now when I click on it it says 'R:\ is not accessible. The File or directory is corrupted and unreadable'. Annoyingly this is my newest and more expensive drive and I'd hoped it was ideal for a back up! I have all the footage on other drives but it'd take me weeks to reinstall 20+ weddings and consolidate them all again so I'm praying for a restore option… I look forward to hearing from you. I hope to call during little ladies nap time after lunch (hence the email now, I can't do important phone calls with a toddler!). Though feel to free to call before and I can try my best to answer!


I also have an external (another LaCie) hard drive that won't show or open on any macs. I can't view or retrieve any files. It looks to be a model from a company called 'wd'. I have it for years so it's pretty old – any chance you could copy the files onto a usb for me?


Sure that should be fine. The problems with your hard drives don't sound fatal and I'm confident that the files can be retrieved from both the hard drives you have.

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