Maxtor drive dropped - need data recovered

MaXtor M3 portable 2TB HX – M201TCB/GMR (Specs sheet) NM1210FA – Dropped from desk whilst plugged in the cable pulled on it quite forcefully (It didn't hit the floor) I have been told by my university technician that the disk is likely scratched. It has been opened already. – Makes quiet beeping error nose when plugged in. Blue light still works. Please could you let me know how much this will cost to recover if it is possible, and also how do you store the recovered files? Will I need to purchase a new hardrive to send as a spare.


I have a Western Digital My Passport external hard drive 320GB, with various files (music, documents, videos etc), for some reason when I connect to my laptop I get an error message saying the data is not accessible.


My external harddrive is a passport SN wx91a71j0681. When plugged in i just goes "bzzzz, beep, bzzzz, beep" and the light keeps flashing, but the laptop does not recognise it. It's very old, rather battered and has lots of important data on there… help!

Western Digital 500GB HD spins but does not read the drive


Need PCB for Toshiba i have a MD04ACA400 HDETR11GEA51 G3626A (similar drive here), toshiba SATA3.5 hard drive i am looking for a replacement pcb for said model can you help the drive is not spinning up and showing as ASMT 2015 in devices thanks

Hard drive making funny sound and computer will not recognize the device.


I have a Western Digital hard drive that I would like data recovered from. I think it originally short-circuited when I had it plugged in to an old PC but not properly in the case. A small whisp of smoke came up from the circuit board and it was completely dead. I had another WD hard drive so tried using the PCB board from it. When I did the drive did come to life. However, it is just clicking and not accessible so I guess the read/write heads or something is damaged.

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Hard Disk Drive
This is a hard disk drive. These are the things that store all the data from your computers, tablets and phones. There are billions of them in the world, but most people know absolutely nothing about them.