iPhones need data back

I've been asked about recovering the files from several damaged iPhones - the enquiries are below. Usually I can retrieve files from phones with these problems, as long as you haven't done a factory reset. Contact the people at http://phone-recovery.pen.io/ for more complex information on phone recover procedures.

iPhone won't start. Took to the apple shop and they said the firmware was corrupt, but as an added problem one of the contact pads in the charging connector was also broken so the connection to the computer was intermittent. I am mainly interested in getting back my photos.

My iPhone had turned of randomly but in to further inspection the screen is not working but the actual phone has as it connects to iTunes , I have not backed my data up and I can't back it up now due to screen issues

My phone (Samsung S6 Edge) has undergone water damage after falling into the ocean while on holiday. Would you be able to recover the data on this as i have contacts/ photos/ videos on my phone which would be hard to obtain again?

Regarding iphone 6. the phone had over 6000 photos saved to the phone. the 64gb phone was close to full so icloud photo library feature was then turned on. this started a backup but was interrupted and did not finish. during the process the photos were removed from the phone but did not back up to icloud. approx 30gb of photos/videos are missing, they are not on the phone or icloud. apple helpline could not help, they said the photos are not on the phone or in icloud and therefore are gone forever. the photos were 100% on the phone 2 days ago but have vanished. can they be restored at all? they are very important photos.

And a Samsung phone...
Samsung Galaxy S6. Phone was waterdamaged and cannot be restored. Power B failure I was told. How much would data recovery be and is there a free evaluation?

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