Help IIOC's have been found on a computer

What do I do? Here's a real situation a customer contacted us about:

My son has been charged with IIOC (see Images were found on his computer, some very serious in nature. Incriminating Bing search terms were found This weekend on a computer he has not used (his mother in law's) the same Bing search terms appeared when his wife was playing a computer game with the children. The computer game had been installed by entering a code purchased on ebay, this same game was installed by the same method on the computer in Police custody The computer has been kept open on the offending page and we need to secure this image, a screen shot has been taken, the police have been asked to look at this new evidence but say they are not interested as their case and charge sheet is complete. My son does not know I am contacting you so after you have kindly phoned back I can only relay what you say to me to my son, who may then use your expert evidence in the forthcoming Crown Court Case. My daughter-in-law has just phoned and I have read the above script to her and she is happy for me to send it. She is also worried that IIOC are found on this new computer that she will become implicated somehow and the children will be taken away by Social Services

My suggestion is to get in touch with a solicitor and also a forensic computer specialist. In the UK, companies like Data Clinic Ltd have a good reputation for this kind of work. They will be able to analyse the hard drive of the computer and determine how the images got there.

Take a look through some of the other pages of this blog - they will provide good insight into retrieving files and information about them for hard drives. In the meantime, best wishes with your enquiries.

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