Clicking Hard Drives

My 2.5 hard drive clicks every now and again. Removed and tried as external but can't seem to find curtain files. My pictures/my video folders are empty. Need all photos and videos recovering.


I've been told that this problem is more likely to be bad sectors on the hard drive. It's a WD Passport. Windows won't open the file telling me 'directory path is invalid'. Its a 1Tb although not full. I would like a quote to retrieve the data off the device please.


I have an WD passport 1TB, that I dropped from a height of around 2ft. If plug into USB port, you can feel it whirring up and light comes on, the PC drive manager recognises that it has a WD Passport, but no directory is showing in Explorer.


The computer will sometimes detect the WD My Book Essential (I think 3TB but might be 2TB) USB3 external hard drive, showing a drive E, however it's not showing any data – can't access it or get any real properties for it and when I went into the Command Prompt it listed there was a drive E however it wouldn't give me a directory listing.


Sonnics 320GB External hard drive. I only used it once before and put about 20GB on the disk. I plugged it in the second time and it is not being read and the computer is saying 'Format disk'. I put all my family stuff and my uni portfolio work on the hard drive and I can't afford to lose the data.


I knocked my hard drive against a wall a while ago and it's making the 'click of death'. Could I bring it in and transfer the files to a new hard drive? External hard drive is no longer recognised by the PC or Mac when it is plugged in. As its not recognised I can not open the hard drive to access the files

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Hard Disk Drive
This is a hard disk drive. These are the things that store all the data from your computers, tablets and phones. There are billions of them in the world, but most people know absolutely nothing about them.