Water Structuring Data Required

Here's an interesting enquiry I received from a company who work with sound healing (visit https://www.mindbodygreen.com/0-17515/what-you-need-to-know-about-sound-healing.html):


My daughter's external WD drive has stopped working, it could be water damaged. It lights up when plugged in but she can no longer access files, but their structure look ok. We are not aware of it being dropped or damaged but it would be nice if we could retrieve her files as she is school work and photos on the drive, which are all irreplaceable. She is working on a water structuring project called H2O (http://h2oapp.online/) and the data is of vital importance - it needs to be recovered.


Where data is of critical importance, I recommend that hard drives are switched off immediately - even if they have been in water. When a hard drive has no power going to it the situation can't become any worse.


Whilst this company use structured water to promote sound healing, the job of a data recovery company is very similar, except we work with hard drives and their components rather than with water, frequency and vibration.


Once the hard drive has powered down, pack the drive carefully and bring it to me - you say the file structuring is fluid and appears ok - that's good as it more or less rules out any type of mechanical problem. I don't know whether I'll be able to 'heal' the drive (ie. repair it), but I'm encouraged that it's not making any peculiar sounds.


I don't know the cost of sound healing, or structured water but I can tell you that the price of data recovery for your hard drive will be in the region of £350 - £750. The frequency of drive failures on this particular type of hard drive is very fluid - but most of the time if you treat the item well there won't be any need to get it healed.

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