Phone Help and Hard Drive Problem

Phone Help Needed

Nearly everyone has a mobile phone these days and some of us have more than 1. In many ways we treat our smartphones like computer hard disks and we never back them up, so if we have an accident and damage the phone then it can mean that we lose the data on that phone. Here are four examples of phones going wrong and the data being required:

I have a oneplus 2 phone that dropped in water. The phone is dead but need data from onboard memory.

I have a G- Drive slim 500GB which no longer is working. When i plug it in it's not being picked up by the computer but makes a clicking noise. I have tried it on other computers but it also does not work. Is there any way to recover the information on the drive?

I need to recover data from a Samsung Note4's eMCP chip. The device was physically damaged by force, but not water. The eMCP chip is preserved and will need removal for recovery. Could you provide a quote?

I am interested in phone data recovery- watsapp call logs & SMS messages with the information of the sender-such as the exact phone number. I want to make clear, i dont JUST want the deleted messages- i want the PHONE NUMBER of who sent it. It was deleted in May , would it be posiible to still reocver it in September? How much would the cost be altogether? Can you guys pick up the phone for me?


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Hard Disk Drive
This is a hard disk drive. These are the things that store all the data from your computers, tablets and phones. There are billions of them in the world, but most people know absolutely nothing about them.