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 A Samsung M3 500GB External Model number ST500LM014 Original problem symptoms included a sharp beeping when plugged in, and would not be recognised. After a day or two hoping it would fix itself, tried again and now sounds like a quiet screech – like your website indicates a spindle problem. The disc is recognised for a moment, then disappears. The busy light continues to flash. This personal drive contains all of a Teacher's coursework and is very important to us.

Was working then made windows explorer crash and since then has been producing a clicking/ticking sound

I have got a Buffalo NAS with 2TB x2. It's using Raid1. I need to retrieve all the data from the hard drive. Please provide me the price and the time it takes.

The drive is suddenly not recognised by any PC or laptop. One blue light is showing, no spinning motion detected. Samsung M3 1TB external hard drive contains photos and videos.

I have an external hard drive that is not being recognised by any computer since a fall to the floor. The drive spins up okay but makes odd noises. Can you give me an estimate of recovery costs? It is 2TB but only about 500gb of data.

My 1TB external hard disk does not recognise on any computer, and it keep making some noise when it is connecting. I would like to ask how much for the recovery, thank you.

Need to transfer data from failed Buffalo Linkstation Mini (2008 – 2x 500GB I RAID 1) to new WD Red disks (2x 3TB in RAID1) in Synology DS 216 +ii enclosure. Please quote price for 1. full installation and for 2. simply transferring to a USB hard disk, which I can supply.

I own a Seagate Wireless Plus external hard drive 1tb which has developed a fault. The drive is no longer accessible, likely to be due to not ejecting properly as the usb connection on my laptop is faulty. Please could you quote on data recovery.

My external hard drive stopped working today for no reason. I had my hard drive attached to my laptop & moved my laptop to a different desk within my classroom (I am a teacher) and then I had the following message appear Location is not available E:/ Is not accessible Data Error (cyclic redundancy check). My hard drive hasn't worked since & the on site ICT team can not fix it. Is this a serious problem? Are you normally able to retrieve all of the data/files with this kind of problem?

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Hard Disk Drive
This is a hard disk drive. These are the things that store all the data from your computers, tablets and phones. There are billions of them in the world, but most people know absolutely nothing about them.