Recover Files from HP RAID

Mostly data recovery involves single hard drives or mobile phones, but from time to time I get enquiries about my services to recover data from people who have lost files from a larger RAID server machine. The enquiry below involves recovering the files from an HP MSA2012SA server. I answered the call and diagnosed the system had multiple failures of a serious nature. Rather than attempt (and potentially screw up) the recovery myself, I called in the experts - Data Clinic Ltd - who have much experience with rescuing the files from failed HP servers. They were able to get the files back within 2 or so days so that's a win:win story all round. Here's the original enquiry:


We have a HP MSA2012sa. we have 8 drives configured with raid 5. 2 disks failed and went to QTOF. 2 failed disk also lost meta data.


RAID and servers like the HP MSA2012sa above are used as large file sharing computers. Typically they hold a lot of company data and people individual files. When a server fails or "goes down", it usually has a big impact as it stops several people working. Therefore retrieving the files and getting the system back up and running again ASAP is a priority.


Servers of course should always be backed up but sometimes are not. Data isn't always recoverable either and the loss of data from a large server can have a huge detrimental impact on a company.

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