Hard Drives Not Responding

My work in data recovery is always varied: here I post some of the latest hard drive repair enquiries that I've been sent.


My Seagate external hard drive has a broken mini usb port… (it seems to be 'floating' around in the hard drive!) and I can't access my photos and files. Is this something that would be possible to repair? And if so, what would the approximate cost be please?


Seagate 2TB external hard drive, fairly heavy usage over the last week and today after plugging it into my macbook pro, received an error message saying it was drawing too much power. Have tried plugging it into 2 other windows PC's and saw no sign of it being recognised by either device. I don't have a lot of this drive backed up anywhere else so really worried I've lost it!


Windows failed to load on laptop. Couldn't restore windows to system restore point. I could see my files using ms dos (dir), with the option to open a dos prompt. The only other option was to reinstall system overwritting everything so i removed the hard disk thinking all i had to do was plug it into a disk caddy and copy my data to another laptop but the drive is not being recognised when i try this. The drive beeps a couple of times while trying to spin up.

Western Digital 1TB drive not showing in Finder or in Disk Utility. Lights up when plugged in but nothing shows up on Mac. I cannot access my harddrive. When I attach it to a system it ask me to format.


I have a Lenovo Yoga Tab 2 which is totally locked because I have forgotten the pattern password. Hard reset is not an option as there are some data in the memory which is of vital importance to me. It does not allow a soft reset. Can you help in any way with 100% certainty that I will not lose these files. Even if the tablet has to be dismantled to get the flash memory out and downloaded elsewhere to retrieve the data.


I had a Buffalo NAS that was experiencing Hardware issues. The NAS was configured as Raid 1 with 2*2 TB disks. I broke the array thinking that I would then have 2 disks with the relevant data. I removed the disks immediately and tried to read them through varying Linux and Windows utilities but it seems that I cannot see the data. It is showing as a Linux RAID member and the unit format to XFS. What are the possibilities for recovery and can you give me an indicative cost ?


Note: I keep many of my prices confidential. Data recovery companies prices usually start at around £200 and go upwards of £1000 depending on the fault you have.

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Hard Disk Drive
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