2 Unresponsive Phones

I've got a couple of broken phones I want to fix. The problem is that I've got data on them that I need back. Here's my story:


I'm contacting you on behalf of my sister, she had a Samsung Galaxy s7 edge, of which was dropped and the screen is now blank, she has a pattern password on the phone and I don't think the adb option is on either, all she is looking to do is get her pics off the phone as these are the only ones she has of her youngest when born, is this something that you are able to do? What's the time scale /turn around for this type of service and also costs involved?


While re-downloading the Facebook app (after having previously deleted it a week earlier), my iphone 6s froze – i did a hard reset by holding down the home and the off buttons, then on restarting, the white screen with black apple logo came up, and will not progress any further through start-up – it just stays on the apple logo screen unless i hold down the home and restart buttons to turn it off, or it runs out of battery and signals that it needs to be plugged in to a charging port (though upon doing this i find the white screen only appears again). I took it to a phone repair shop and apparently hardware is not the problem, but the method they suggested using to restore my phone has only a 40% chance of not wiping the data from my phone on completion.


If there is any chance at all that my photos can be recovered from my handset, i'd be hugely grateful – i stupidly don't have them backed up.


Costs for data recovery from mobile (smart)phones vary between £250 and £495, but it depends on the fault. For a company that does this take a look at Recover Deleted Data (UK).

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