Faulty Hard Drives and Phones

More faulty hard drives
I'm pretty certain there's a Mechanical issue on my 1TB seagate external hard drive as I gave it a little knock and now it's beeping and not recognisable by my Mac. I have a WD passport external hardrive which had been working fine. I haven't used it in a while and went to plug it into my laptop today. It made a lot of load whirring noises and the light was flashing but my laptop wasn't registering it so I couldn't access my files. Has it corrupted? Can you retrieve my files if so?

Lights on no response / not visible from mac or pc

I dropped my phone in the loo, since then it has been in a bag of rice. It is still unresponsive. It initially turned on when I got it out the loo but has been unresponsive ever since. I have some very sentimental pictures on my phone and would be forever grateful if you could help me retrieve these if possible. I'm in Birmingham.

Seagate 500GB EXHDD. Mac format now read only. Never been dropped or bumped – just old. Drive will mount and files visible in Finder but any attempt to copy results in clicking and whirring until drive ejects itself.

My laptop started showing blue screens. I had to replace my harddrive. But I couldnt get any of my old files. I haven't dropped or physically damaged the harddisk

we have a number of drives (10 in total) that were previously installed in a RAID 5 configuration , we no longer have the server only the disks. Are you able to investigate if the data can be recovered without the Server and if so which of your offices would do the work

My iPhone has broken and unfortunately I hadn't backed this up prior to it breaking. Unfortunately I have now lost 2 years worth of photos etc. I have taken my phone to apple but they are unable to do anything and suggested I speak to a data recovery specialist. I was just wondering what your charging basis is and whether you think retrieving my photos is something you could do?

the laptop hasn't switched on in ages. happy for it not to be fixed. just want the laptop harddrive recovered. the files on their mainly.

My iPhone 6s was smashed in to two pieces by a ex boyfriend. So there is the screen in one part and a bent back hardware part. I hoped i may be able to plug it into my laptop still even thought its missing the whole screen and back it up but this didn't work. So i wonder if there is anyway of recovering pictures, contacts and notes?

I'm using a 2012 MacBook Pro and I'm was attempting to reduce the boot camp partition size. However in doing so unfortunately all of the hard drive partitions have been formatted to MS-DOS FAT. Unfortunately the MacBook will not boot up and I am enquiring to see if you can recover the data on the MAC OS partition ? It would be mainly photos stored on iPhoto. Happy to provide more information.

its actuator arm is broken. not reading the hardisk! some sound also hearing from that hardisk. so can you sell the acuator arm of hardisk??

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Hard Disk Drive
This is a hard disk drive. These are the things that store all the data from your computers, tablets and phones. There are billions of them in the world, but most people know absolutely nothing about them.