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I believe my WD Passport HD has mechanical failure and I have had it bubble wrapped and stored since 2009! I'm seriously excited about the possibility of the data being recovered. It is a 1 TB Passport drive that has been taken out of its plastic casing. Do you have any kind of rough idea of the length of time this would take to be recovered? I'm located near central London - can you tell me how much it may cost?

You've done well keeping your hard drive away from harm since it broke. I hope we can help you recover the data. I suggest you try Data Clinic London, they have a great reputation for retrieving data - they are near the Bank underground station.

No power getting my Toshiba 1TB external hard drive. The light on the outer casing is n't lighting up and no noise/sounds coming from the hard drive when plugged into laptop. I also recommend you visit Data Clinic. They should be able to fix this for you.

I'm from London and recently developed an issue where the phone wasn't charging correctly unless I wiggled the cable at the port end. Today the phone shut off midway through charging and is now completely dead and won't respond (New batteries, different charger, turning on in safe mode etc.). Have taken it to two repair shops that reckon it might be motherboard related. Phone: Samsung Galaxy SII.

Phone recover is very similar to data recovery. In both cases the data is stored magnetically on the device. Either on a rotation magnetised platter or on memory chips. Either way a skilled company will be able to rescue the files for you.

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