Hard Drive Ticking and Beeping

I have a WD MyPassport Ultra. Since the last update of windows 10 (Aniversary) my hd didn´t work anymore. I have tried everything with driver updating, connecting in other machines, removing the usbstore.inf and regenerating again… with the same results. It is wired cause after the updating it works twice in my laptop and after that when I switched off, it didn´t work anymore. It has a lightly sound sometimes, which it annoy me but I´m a system administrator and I can recognize which kind of sounds (ticking) are about a failure in the disk. Don´t know, I would like to receive information about your procedure.

I have updated my iMac OXs (27 inc, mid 2010) to El Capitan. I did not back-up my files before the update so unfortunately during the installation have lost all of my data. My photos, documents and music plus other data from some of my applications have been lost. I have been told that this is irreversible by Apple.

Hi, would you be able to recover the data from my iPhone 4s? I can switch on my 4s, but it does not progress beyond the white apple logo. Data storage is probably full and possible has insufficient space for the operations to function. Are you able to retrieve all the data before restoring to factory settings?

Fantec-DB-Alusky U3E 4TB USB3 external disk drive.
Windows reports the file system as RAW.
I have not attempted any recovery process such as chkdsk or scandisk.
I suspect incorrect disconnection from my laptop has caused the problem.

My Hard Drive recently packed in. It was running ok the night before (although in retrospect after being asked about it, I'd heard it click a couple of times), but when I booted it up I kept getting an error message saying windows couldn't be found.
So on boot up I went to the BIOS menu to see if something had reordered the drives and discovered the hard drive couldn't be read. I then took it to a repair shop and they attempted to diagnose the problem (it was them who asked about the clicking). They left it over night for a diagnostic and said that on a couple of occasions the Hard Drive was picked up but the only info the could get off it was garbled nonsense. They said that they thought that the heads may have failed on the Hard Drive and that wasn't something they could fix and recommended someone else. The 2nd person came to the same conclusion and said he didn't want to tamper with the heads either as it wasn't something he could fix and so he recommended you. The only other note I can think of is that the laptop seemed to be running quite hot leading up to the failure, but as I've replaced the hard drive this doesn't seem to be the problem.
For reference, I live in Liverpool, just in case you need to refer me to that office.

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Hard Disk Drive
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