Hard Drive Recovery (Manchester)

Question: I have a Samsung 1 TB external hard drive which fell onto a wooden floor and now no longer works.
The disk initially spins when connected to a PC/laptop, but then stops spinning and I get an error message saying that the device has malfunctioned. I am hoping this is a physical rather than data problem.
I could take this disk to Bury, Manchester today (Saturday) or I work in Bolton so perhaps this disk could be collected and dealt with in your Manchester office on Monday (June 6th).

Advice: The Data Clinic office in Manchester will be able to help you and can extract the data for you.

Hard Drive Recovery (London)
Question: I have a Seagate 9KW2AL-500 1TB HDD drive. My laptop (MAC) still saw the drive in Finder, but a data recovery place in Singapore said they could not recover the data. The drive worked the evening before and just stopped being read the next morning (when I was in Singapore). I wish to recover family photos and home videos from the drive.
I work on the Strand and reside in SW10.
Can you recover the data?
What is approx cost?
How Long will it take?
Which is best method to deliver drive ?

Advice: Use the Data Clinic London office on Lombard Street (located near the Bank tube station), they will examine the hard drive, find the fault and provide you with a cost for the retrieval of it's data.

Hard Drive Recovery of Seagate HDD
Question: I have a Seagate Backup Plus 4TB USB3.0 external drive. I recently noticed my PC was behaving oddly (slow to boot etc.) and finally worked out that the Seagate drive was the cause. I've tried plugging it back in and, although the drive letter and name are recognised, I can't access any data, and Windows Explorer hangs. I am running Windows 10.

Advice: Data Clinic's Seagate recovery page can be found here and provides useful information on data recovery issues.

Hard drive works. Laptop shut down incorrectly (was using a mac) and upon restart i noticed that nearly 200gb's worth of files weren't there anymore, only random folders. All together, i had 15 days worth of footage and the only thing that remains is 1,3, 6, etc. Just random days.

Have a wd 3 tb hardrive and it has a red light and a clicking noise after it took a drop off a desk.

Seagate GoFlex dropped on hard floor and head stuck to platter. Attempted repair but still getting device I/O error.
What would the charge be to assess damage and see if repair / recovery is possible.

iphone 6 stuck in boot loop – in DFUmode/apple logo. need some very important picutes from holiday and family wedding.

Because many of us now store our information digitally, ie. on computer rather than on paper, the demand for storage media (hard drives, flash drives etc) has increased terrifically. Hard drives go wrong though. They can break by being dropped, being connected to the wrong power supply and and manufactured with inherent problems. Always backup your data as you can never tell when a hard drive is going to break and your data will be lost.

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Hard Disk Drive
This is a hard disk drive. These are the things that store all the data from your computers, tablets and phones. There are billions of them in the world, but most people know absolutely nothing about them.