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The internet is awash with people looking for assistance with their broken iPhones. But it's not just broken iPhones that people are looking for help with. Sometimes their phones are still working, instead they've accidentally erased the data on them and require it back. Below are some typical posts from people who need the data from their iPhones back. In all three cases I recommend that you look at some of the other blog articles I've written on this site, they will help you decide what actions are necessary to retrieve your files.

(a) I am contacting you to enquire whether you would be able to provide a data recovery service for an iPhone 6. A total of 600 photos / videos were accidentally deleted from the device (also from the recently deleted items folder) when the back-up wasn´t working.
I would like to know if you would be able to extract these data from the flash memory card or if there´s any other way to recover them?

(b) Hi, I've dropped my iPhone 5S, completely non responsive.
Would love to retrieve photos and videos of my children stored on the phone. Also, my contacts would be good. Foolishly haven't backed up phone for 18months. Not too fussed about the device, out of contract and buying a new one asap.
If you could give me a quote for the above data recovery and an estimation on time required I'd be appreciative.

(c) My girlfriends phone was washed a year ago but dried and worked fine recently it's was smashed on the floor ( long story ) we took it to a local company who tried to get it to turn on but they couldn't and said there was nothing they could do for us, we are after the pictures off it especially the ones on our little boy, none of it was backed up, it there is anyway you could help us it would be fantastic.

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