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I have a macbook pro and when I switch the computer on I get the chime and the grey screen with the apple logo and the loading bar, when the loading bar gets to the end (after an absolute age) it just sits there and won't boot up. This is a 2008 macbook pro with a 320gb hard drive with only about 60gb being used.

Firstly let me start by saying this is a problem I've had a few times with my MacBook HDD. When I turn my laptop on the machine won't finish booting and just freezes. This has previously been diagnosed as the needle in the drive breaking or something along these lines. I've now got two drives (1x HDD and 1x SSD) that have data on I'd like to recover.

I've actually some personal experience recovering data from MacBook and MacBook Pro machines. During my time spent with Datlabs Data Recovery ( services I cut my teeth learning about hard drives and Apple Mac's in particular. Going at depth into the HFS+ system I was able to write my own mini App to retrieve data from Apple devices such as iPhones and Macbook hard drives.

The most valuable lesson I learnt at Datlabs was that hard drive recovery applies to many different types of computer problem. Some can be simple and straightforward to recover, assuming you know what you are doing. Other's are very complex indeed and because a hard drive has moving parts that can break, recovery of the data is only possible once these parts have been removed from the hard drive and replacements fitted.

I learnt about all parts of data recovery, from single 2.5" hard drives that are found in laptops and MacBooks right up to the many hard drives that are used inside servers and RAID 5 arrays. My advice to you, should you encounter a hard drive problem would be to evaluate the worth of the data stored. If the data is without value, simply buy a new hard drive. If the data is valuable, contact me and I can advise what you can try to recover the data from the hard drive.

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