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Data loss happens to everyone and it always seems to happen at the most inconvenient time and always when we have no recent backup!


I thought back and listed my last 4 occassions when I lost data:


1. My WD passport Ultra 1tb had gradually stopped working; The drive was not recognised on the laptop, prior to this happening the drive was taking a long time to connect to the computer and the transfer speed of the files were gradually decreasing – to the point where the transfer attempt would trigger a 'not responding' situation which would freeze the process.

2. I had dropped my exrternal hard drive and now it was clicking and beeping. i had significant data on there that I needed to recover. The drive was a WD my passports 500gb

3. My external data drive had a damaged mini usb output. It connected to the computer for around 30s and then stopped, making it impossible to read any information.

4. I had a Iomega 1TB external drive, its was about 5y-old and needed to be connected to an electrical plug to turn on. yesterday it turned on for 3 seconds and then off. After a few attempts i could turn it on again, for 3 secs again. I thought the problem may be in the electrical connection cable or port but would like to be sure, fix it or retrieve my data from the disc if it is not fixable.


Regular readers of my blog with know that I often champion the causes of data recovery companies but may not know that in many instances, (those where there is only a minimum amount of damage to a hard drive or mobile phone) that it's sometimes quite easy for people to repair the fault themselves. If you have a computer hard drive or phone and you'd like to see if you can fix it yourself, the first thing to do is to correctly identify the problem with the device. The easiest way I recommend it to use the Data Recovery Tips site where you can diagnose your hard drive fault online. From there simply follow the instructions you get and the site will tell you if it's possible you can perform a do it yourself fix. If you can't it'll recommend the next course of action.

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