iPhone Recovery in Manchester

I thought I'd show you some pictures of what the inside of an iPhone 5s looks like. These pictures were obtained at the offices of Data Clinic in Manchester, I took my phone into them as it had become unresponsive and I needed the data recovered from it (see Data Clinic's iPhone recovery page here http://www.dataclinic.co.uk/data-recovery-from-iphones/).

They were able to get the data from my phone back and while I was there I took some time to ask them more about their recovery services. I was able to take some photos of my phone too and I've commented on the pictures below.

1st Photo: Stripping down an iPhone 5s is not an easy task. Videos on Youtube like this one show how to do it and are invaluable but there are always bits that they don't show on Youtube. In this photo the memory chip(s) that hold my data can be seen on the bottom right.

2nd Photo: Close-up picture of the memory chips on my iPhone 5s - these are the components that are essential in the JTAG and ChipOff data recovery operations that are used in circumstances when 'route 1' data recovery techniques don't work. The phone's data - photos, contacts, text messages etc are all stored on these.

3rd Photo: This is the chassis of the iPhone, with various components, including the battery and the screen removed.

4th Photo: This is what an iPhone screen looks like - as you can see the screen is a unit that contains other components including the cameras. Again, all the information presented on te screen and recorded by the cameras are stored to the phones memory chips (see picture 2).

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