Why Is Mac Data Recovery Difficult?

I love my Mac but why does it seem that when theres a problem to do with loss of data that Windows users have it easy? As you probably know, losing your data can happen in any number of ways and they are all of them very frustrating and anxiety provoking. Losing data that we don't care about is neither here nor there as we have no attachment to it, but losing data that we care about such as photos and movies that we have taken of friends or family members is often very precious and it's data that we would hate to loose.

If the problem that has caused the data loss is to do with the hard disk then both Mac and Windows users will have a hard time. I know next to nothing about hard drives, I only recently learned that they have moving parts, previously I thought all the data went into this magical box and just stayed there, but it turns out the the data is stored on a rotating disk that looks like a CD. A hard disk is far more complicated than a CD and expert companies like http://www.macdatarecoverylondon.co.uk/ the London Mac experts in hard drive faults recommend that you keep you hard drives in good shape but regularly removing all the clutter that can accumulate on them but running tools that get rid of temporary internet files and suchlike, items that slow your hard drive down. This advice is true for Windows users also.

Where the difference comes is when the loss of files is because of either human error, for example, a folder has been accidentally deleted or some sort of glitch in the system that records where the files are on the hard drive. When Windows and Mac users delete a file it goes into the ReCycle Bin / Trash and can be easily retrieved, but what happens when these items are deleted from the ReCycle Bin / Trash? On Windows computers, it's quite straightforward to run a data recovery utility like TestDisk - http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/TestDisk, an open source program that can be used to identify files and folders that can be recovered which have been deleted.

If your problem is related to data loss - e.g. family photos or other valuable documents have gone and it's not a hard drive fault then running a utility like TestDisk can be the answer to all your problems. If your problem is more complex - i.e. it's caused by a problem with your hard drive then running software like TestDisk is pointless as it will not be able to correct the problem with the disk - software can only fix software problems, it has no effect on hardware, for example, it can't fix a faulty fuse of hard drive controller board, so in cases of hard drive problems, you need to use companies like Mac Data Recovery London who I mentioned above.

These are a couple of reasons why Mac data recovery is typically difficult, but the mail reason is the way the HFS file system work. HFS is the name given to the system that data is stored on a Mac and you can read more about it at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HFS_Plus. Because HFS is such an efficient system, once files are marked as deleted the space they occupy on the disk is used for something else. This overwrites the data that was previously in this location - the file/folder you want to recover. The Windows file system known as NTFS works in a slightly different way, which means it is far less difficult to recover files once they've been deleted.

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