Servers and RAID

A perfect solution for companies that process large amounts of data is a RAID system. A RAID is a Redundant Array of Independent Disks. This page will concentrate on RAID systems and focus on the benefits and features of a RAID 5, and will outline any situations which a failure might occur. One of the reasons why utilising a RAID is an ideal solution is the level of data that companies process is increasing, therefore more effective systems that can cope with the work load are needed.

If you work in a small business, you are likely to have heard about or seen a server. Basically, they are a apparatus that consists of various elements. I will go through and explain what servers are used for, how they work and what to do if issues occur together.

What Is A RAID?

RAID levels go from 0 to 6, with current systems being capable of combining and nesting a range of levels within one set-up. RAID levels are consistently shown with a number, e.g., RAID 0, RAID 1, etc., and every one is widely diverse from the other. Simply a RAID is a software and hardware system that allows for computer data to be written to multiple hard disk drives. The reason behind this is to either increase the speed that data is written to or read from the storage system, or to ensure data dependability and redundancy, or a mixture of both.

The main part of a server is where all of the data is saved. Putting it essentially, that is all a server really does, send store and receive data. It is a far more complicated number of devices than that, as you'd expect. If you at all view a server in operation, the initial thing that'll hit you is the number of cables which can be involved with it. They will throughout this procedure go through a firewall in case there is some thing nasty trying to enter or go from the network.


Server room
Large Server Room

What Is A RAID 5?

RAID 5 set-ups use striping to increase read speed but also supply data safety using parity data, if one drive fails any lost data gets restored through the parity once the failed drive has been replaced with a new hard drive, RAID 5's take full advantage of available disk space by writing data across multiple disks, it additionally supplies more write speed due to the fact that it is not writing identical data to multiple disks & it offers defences from data redundancy.

Issues which may come up with servers - What would happen if you are taking care of an essential file which is saved in the network, then unexpectedly a disc fails. Well straight away, you may have lost your work; you certainly aren't capable to carryon working on it. If your whole company where working on documents on the network, you would have to get the data again as soon as humanly possible this could be quite devastating.

RAID 5 Failures

Although a RAID 5 does have actions in place to give a level of defence against disk failure, it doesn't imply that it should substitute backup systems, if one drive fails the RAID array goes in to critical mode where read & write speed is greatly reduced but is still possible and can be done, it is very necessary the defective drive is replaced as promptly as possible as failure to do so will cause damaging issues if another drive fails, if another drive did break then you would be having to deal with bulky costs to retrieve what data is left.

To conclude, servers are fantastic, they're a essential within the modern technological world, but on the flip side, when they go wrong, they can cause more than one or two issues for you. You should be aware of when to get in touch with a Data Recovery Business by what you are told by the INFORMATION technology department, this can lead to a higher opportunity of having all of your documents recovered.

Hard drive
Hard Drive Data

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