More Google Snooping - UK High Court Ruling

The more I look, the more I find... Is there any such thing as internet privacy these days?... Read on...


"Google will have to face yet another court case over its tricking of Safari browsers, in which it forced through tracking cookies even when the browser settings had been set to reject them."


Google is to appeal against a ruling in Britain's High Court today, which dismissed the internet giant's claim that UK data privacy laws don't apply to it as the courts in this country have no jurisdiction over the company.

Google has been battling a lawsuit brought last year by UK-based Apple users whose browser habits were slurped – without permission – by Google.

Owners of Apple devices who used Apple's Safari browser between September 2011 and February 2012 claim that Google bypassed the surfing tool's security settings to plant a temporary cookie that skimmed information from them to personalise ads, allegedly in violation of British data laws.


The unauthorised data mining was discovered by a student who made his findings public. Shortly afterwards, Google removed the code from Safari.

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