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If a hard disk drive crashes as a result of a software problem, for example the OS is corrupted or there's an error with some of the programs, these types of problems can usually be sorted out by using restorative software because there's nothing wrong at a hard drive level. In my opinion the firm of choice in Britain is Datlabs, being a PC specialist myself, I've used Datlabs data recovery expertise on many occasions: twice when company RAID servers had crashed and once for a small business manager's notebook hard drive. In all situations, Datlabs were able to successfully restore the data where I wasn't, the two RAID servers were both emergency recovery situations that they restored by operating through the night time. The Datlabs web site is found by visiting the link above and I personally recommend their professional services. Another means of locating a trusted data recovery business is to look for data recovery recommendations on-line. These review sites will regularly list actual customer evaluations of data recovery companies. It is then your decision to pick one and make a pick.

How secure are the files on your own disk drive, do you know? Saving data to a hard-disk is easy and quick - We are able to access our folders almost instantly, but how resilient is our digital information? What would happen if our disk drive broke?

A significant point to make that you should not ignore is your digital data is never ever fully safe from damage. You could rather readily drop your hard disk or have it stolen, and then it is gone forever if you have not backed your files up.

Statistically many of us don't store our data in this way. We save our information on hard-drives and disks, and old information is still kept in albums. Some may question which strategy is considered the safest. Electronic documents could be reprinted if something happens to the copies you make, in both instances the data might be damaged or destroyed.

Data that people kept before we started keeping our information on hard disks is very at risk to data loss. It only takes an accidentally spilt drink or a damp room to damage our photo albums and records completely making them unreadable and the memories they once held illegible. Old documents may not be preserved with care and may also fade with time.

Because we think that technology generally makes things better and simpler, we frequently think the data held on hard disks is safer compared to older information which is written in books or stored in records, however this is simply not consistently the case. Data and the storage media it's held on must be cared for also. For example dropping a disk drive holding your data is really not a great action to take and frequently results in a hard drive fault and the data stored on it becoming inaccessible. The solution obviously is to copy this precious data but few individuals do with any regularity.

Data loss is a real matter and effects many companies and organisations daily. A simple way to mitigate against data loss is by using some kind of data backup. This can be something easy and straightforward like writing the data onto a memory stick or external hard disk, or something more elaborate like backing up the data onto a RAID or server array or using a storage cloud back-up facility. There are many risks to your own data and these generally include software hazards like viruses and malware, and hardware malfunctions like the hard drive crashing. Also remember the so-called 'acts of god' like fire, floods and earthquakes.

Some data is of no actual value - for instance, cached web files are of little significance, but information like business accounts or personal photos may have great importance and worth. It's not hard to set a data back-up program in place and doing this will do a lot to minimise data loss. Keep in mind that data is never totally safe from harm, a decent back-up strategy will go a long way to prevent unneeded data loss.

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