The Hard Drive Worth £4m !!

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A hard drive containing GBP4.1million worth of Bitcoins is buried somewhere beneath feet of mud at a recycling plant in Wales, it's been disclosed.

The drive was discarded by its original owner some months past, right along with the Dell laptop it came from. He had gathered the Bitcoins if the digital money was worth very little and they were easy-to mine. Now each Bitcoin is worth over GBP600, making his 7,500 Bitcoins worth more than GBP4million.

The story of the fortune first came to light when a user called Sue - dough - nim posted on Reddit describing how a friend had told him about losing while chatting on an IRC (internet relay chat) channel.

Following the original post, Sue - dough - nim posted an update telling the way the first owner had visited the recycling centre to enquire about retrieving the drive.

The hard drive, if it was there, would be buried under around 4 feet of mud and waste, within an area the size of a soccer field. The price of closing the center, employing diggers, and looking for it will be too high, and then the chances of obtaining it are still not superb."

"Also usually only police are permitted to search the website for signs and such. But, under the circumstances, a deal can likely be made out of the council." he added.

For all the ones that visualize giving it a go, the centre is in Newport, South Wales at coordinates 51deg 33.858', -2deg 59.863'.

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