New Technology and Cyber Crime

Here's a small piece of a fascinating longer article about how new technologies provide new opportunities for data criminals.

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Do Wi-Fi Networks need to be more safe?
Wireless Networks are simply another kind of network which is not entirely safe like anything else in the INFORMATION technology globe. In fact it can be really harmful if some important factors aren't taken into account. As wireless networks provide a link with the web from any location, there are more potential goals for hackers than other types of systems.

Certainly by getting some safety measures such as changing password before start utilizing it (many Wi-Fi access apparatus and modem comes with default password that are easy to discover.), restrict your access to your Wi-Fi network (thus only trustworthy people that you enabled can use your system.), change your wireless network name, encrypt your wireless signals, Mac filtering (so only the specified devices may connect to your Wi-Fi community.), decrease the range of the Wireless Signal etc it isn't really hard to produce your wireless network more secure.

However after taking all these security measures which mainly stops others using your internet or taking control of the computer through your own wifi network, the questions that need to be requested here are "does our internet speed remain constant?", " are we experiencing delays while moving or delivering data or advice?","can such delays influence our business?" etc.

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    bezel less screen (Monday, 10 July 2017 20:08)

    I never ever read such type of info before this was really incredible.

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